5 Best Suppliers For Toilet Doors Malaysia

Toilet Doors Malaysia

Lost your old door and need a new one? You’re in luck! Read on to discover the best suppliers for toilet doors in Malaysia. Finding a reliable supplier can be tricky. But fear not, with this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision quickly and easily.


osay logo

OSAY is a renowned supplier of high-quality Toilet Doors located in Malaysia. Established in 2014, they have developed a strong reputation for their excellence and dynamism in production.

Thanks to the recent advances in technology and the effects of globalization, the art of creating E-plus art panels has seen a dramatic shift. These modern art panels have become a popular choice for modern homes and are considered a stylish ornament. This year, OSAY has released a series of brand new E-plus art panel products with a unique and natural design. These products make it easy for customers to design their ideal home at a low cost.

As the art of E-plus art panels continues to progress, OSAY will strive to keep up with the latest design trends and to provide their customers with the best quality products. This dedication has enabled them to remain at the forefront of E-plus art panel design. The ultimate goal of OSAY is to share the fruits of their hard work with their loyal customers.

Contact Details:606-978 9666
Address:PTD 16043,Jalan Teknologi 9, Kawasan Perindustrian Tangkak, 84900, Johor.

Yeeco Panel Sdn Bhd

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Yeeco Panel Sdn Bhd has been a prominent supplier of aluminium bi-fold doors, folding doors and other environmentally-friendly home products in Malaysia since 2014. They are managed and led by experienced directors who have over a decade of industry experience, and are committed to providing customers with products of the best value and highest quality that are safe to use.

They offer a wide selection of stylish designs for their aluminium doors, which can add colour and space to any room. Their customisable options enable customers to create a unique look that perfectly suits their taste. Additionally, they provide Toilet Doors that boast a modern and chic design.

Their dedicated team is passionate about providing excellent customer service and delivering products that exceed customer expectations. As a reliable supplier in Malaysia, Yeeco Panel Sdn Bhd is committed to providing high-quality products and services that are sure to meet all customers’ requirements.

Contact Details:06-353 1388
Address:No 9709-H, Jalan PBR 15, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai Fasa IV, 75260 Melaka, Malaysia.


onitek logo

Onitek is a renowned supplier of aluminium products, specialising in the manufacturing of premium quality aluminium products for homeowners. Located in Tangkak, Johor, Malaysia, since 1997, they have been providing stylish, modern, and contemporary home products for home renovation.

They are dedicated to helping homemakers realise their dream of a beautiful home. To that end, Onitek offers innovative solutions at reasonable rates. Their advanced technology and modern techniques enable them to stay ahead of the curve. They have switched to using Poly Glass panel décor instead of fiberglass panel décor, as the former offers strength, durability, and high resistance to shocks, while also providing an elegant design and stylish appearance.

Onitek also provides a wide selection of Toilet Doors, including PVC, solid wood, and aluminium doors, making them a premier supplier in Malaysia. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they strive to create a better living experience for all of their customers.

Contact Details:1300-222-008
Address:91-1, Jalan Puteri 5/7, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor PTD 16043, Jalan Teknologi 9, Kawasan Perindustrian Tangkak, 84900 Tangkak, Johor

Best Home Kitchen & Bathroom Solution

best home kitchen & bathroom solution logo

Best Home Kitchen & Bathroom Solution is a renowned supplier of kitchen & bathroom products in Malaysia. Located in Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru (JB), they offer a wide variety of kitchen & bathroom product brands from across the globe, such as Rocconi, Tora, Felice, Ika, ELBA, and Rubine.

They are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent after sales services for their customers. Their extensive inventory includes items such as cooker hoods, basin cabinets, bathroom faucets, bathroom showers, kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, tap fittings, and toilet doors.

Their team of dedicated management and technicians have decades of experience providing exceptional customer support and product services. With their expertise and top-notch products, Best Home Kitchen & Bathroom Solution continues to be a trusted name in the industry.

Contact Details:607-3540978
Address:27, Jalan Ros Merah 2/10, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Colorful Cubicle Sdn Bhd

colorful cubicle sdn bhd logo

Colorful Cubicle Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-based supplier of toilet doors and cubicle systems for washrooms, restrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, and shower rooms. Their products are crafted with phenolic laminate compact board and phenolic compact board for maximum durability, wear-resistance, and humidity-resistance, making them easy to maintain.

In addition to a range of solid, dust, woodgrain, and aluminum effect colors, they also offer customizable designs and layouts to meet the demands of the marketplace. For installation, their team estimates that the project can be completed in approximately 7-8 days (not including weekends or public holidays) depending on the conditions and number of units.

Contact Details:6016-220 0178
Address:No. F-3-16, Suite 3A, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

Why You Can Trust Us And How We Test and Review Toilet Doors

Here at Home Mentor, we believe that research and testing should always be done before any purchasing decisions are made. We take the customer’s trust and satisfaction very seriously, which is why we have a comprehensive process in place to review and analyze all toilet door products on the market.

Our team of experts is knowledgeable in toilet door design, installation, maintenance and safety. We evaluate each toilet door based on strict criteria, including:

  • quality of material used
  • weather resistance and durability
  • type of locking mechanism employed
  • customer reviews on each product’s performance and installation ease
  • price point and design preferences

We have also conducted several interviews with manufacturers themselves to understand the production processes involved for various types of materials used – from solid wood to metal-built models – as well as their general customer experience. Our team has verified that all suppliers featured on our website adhere to strict quality control policies on supplies sourced as well as final delivery product point inspection before shipping out any completed purchases.

We strive to be an independent source providing objective reviews of different toilet door brands so that you can make informed decisions without needing biased opinions or preferences getting in the way! Our mission is to help you find suitable toilet doors for your project at reasonable prices from reputable suppliers you can trust.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Toilet Door Suppliers in Malaysia

When looking for reliable and affordable toilet door suppliers in Malaysia, the most important criteria to consider include pricingquality of materialsafter-sales service, and adherence to safety standards.

  • For pricing, it is essential to compare prices between various toilet door suppliers before making a final decision. As quality is key when installing or replacing toilet doors, be sure to assess the material used by each supplier – look for certified durable materials which may offer additional benefits such as UV protection against fading and water-resistance.
  • In order to ensure long-term satisfaction with the purchase, besides providing delivery services for convenience, ensure that the chosen supplier also provides after-sales services such as repair and spare parts replacements. For additional security and peace of mind from unexpected maintenance costs, explore the option of an extended warranty from select toilet door suppliers in Malaysia.
  • Most importantly, investigate whether each supplier adheres to safety standards such as compliant hinge positions – this helps prevents potential harm caused by fingers getting pinched in between door surfaces when closing or opening doors. Make sure that door locks also comply with local building regulations which help achieve greater security protection against potential criminals while meeting all fire safety regulations with automatic self-closing mechanisms during emergencies.

Benefits of Toilet Doors in Malaysia

Having a toilet door in your bathroom can be a great way to enhance privacy, protect against water leakage, and improve ventilation. In Malaysia, toilet doors can offer additional benefits that make them well worth the investment.

  1. Heat Retention – Toilet doors in Malaysia are often heat-treated for insulation purposes. This means that bathrooms can stay warm and ensure greater efficiency of power usage by trapping the cold from outside sources like air conditioners or furnaces inside the bathroom’s walls.
  2. Utility Savings – Installing a toilet door also prevents water leakage from occurring through gaps between the top of the doorway opening and bottom of the door frame, thus aiding in power savings as electricity used in running utilities is saved from escaping out through these unsealed areas.
  3. Improved Ventilation – Toilet doors come with built-in ventilation systems to allow fresh air flow into bathrooms while providing soundproofing at the same time so that users can enjoy more comfortable and discreet experiences while using toilets indoors during hot weathers in Malaysia.
  4. Maximum Privacy – Having a door installed also offers maximum privacy for toilet users as it prevents outsiders, even within similar living circumstances, to peek inside spaces where people change their clothes or engage other related activities within a fully enclosed environment.
  5. Style Enhancement – Last but not least, some of these toilet doors come with customizable designs that can be integrated into existing bathroom interiors to provide an overall improved aesthetic appeal while still providing all its intended functions such as improved ventilation and enhanced privacy levels for users too!

Final Thoughts

Getting the right kind of toilet door Malaysia for your bathroom is essential, not just in terms of design, but also in terms of ensuring maximum safety and security. With that in mind, it is important to consider both the pros and cons when selecting a supplier, as the products and prices that they offer can vary widely.

Although there are many suppliers offering toilet doors Malaysia, not all of them may offer what you need. Therefore, take some time to research the quality and variety before making a purchase. Consider things such as:

  • Product range
  • Customer service
  • Warranties offered
  • Prices charged

Doing so will ensure that you make an informed decision about choosing one or more suppliers for toilet doors Malaysia for your bathroom. Furthermore, don’t forget to read online reviews about any supplier you plan on dealing with to gain deeper insight into how satisfied past customers were with their services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Doors in Malaysia

When it comes to selecting the right toilet door for your home or workplace, it is important to understand the different types of doors available in Malaysia as well as their requirements, benefits and drawbacks. This guide provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about toilet doors in Malaysia and what you should look out for when making your purchase.

You can choose the best supplier for toilet door in Malaysia by considering factors such as price, quality, material, durability, and customer reviews.

Toilet doors available for purchase in Malaysia include PVC doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors, glass doors, and sliding doors.

Yes, most of these suppliers offer installation services for toilet doors in Malaysia. However, it is always best to confirm with the supplier before making a purchase.