5 Best Suppliers For Retractable Awning Malaysia

Retractable Awning Malaysia

Struggling to find reliable suppliers for retractable awnings? You’re not alone! With the growing demand for retractable awnings in Malaysia, it can be difficult to determine which suppliers are best. Fortunately, this article brings you the best suppliers available, helping you make an informed decision. So if you want reliable, high-quality retractable awnings at competitive prices – read on!

Mreca Fabric Awning

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Mreca Fabric Awning is a renowned supplier of retractable awnings in Malaysia, with a focus on providing excellent and professional installation services for businesses and households. Their customers mainly come from Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur (KL), and Petaling Jaya (PJ) areas in the country.

Their wide range of fabric awnings, canvas awnings, retractable awnings, Motorised blinds, Motorised retractable awnings, and shade sails are available for various applications. They highly recommend their latest product, The Recsystem, which comes with exciting designs that guarantee no leaking or seeping, and tremendous performance against rain and sun.

The mission of Mreca Fabric Awing is to continually strive for improvement in both their products and services. With the vision of becoming one of the leading providers of awnings within Malaysia, they remain dedicated to meeting the needs of their valued customers around Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, and Petaling Jaya.

Contact Details:013-319 9319
Address:No 28, Jln Bulan U5/167, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

M&N Fabric Awning

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M&N Fabric Awning has been providing custom made and installation services to residential and commercial clients for more than a decade. They specialize in outdoor sunshade systems, offering an extensive range of Retractable/Motorised, Fixed, Dome and other types of awnings. Thanks to their reliable services and quality products, M&N Fabric Awning has gained a loyal customer base throughout Malaysia over the years.

Each product from M & N Fabric Awning is accompanied by a five-year warranty, giving customers much needed peace of mind when it comes to long-term use. Moreover, their team of technicians are highly trained and experienced, able to assemble high-quality awnings quickly and efficiently to meet any requirements. Their dedication to customer satisfaction makes them one of the leading suppliers of fabric and awnings in Shah Alam and beyond.

Contact Details:6014-319 9131
Address:Lot 1598-3, Batu 3 1/2, Kampung Jawa, Seksyen 36, Selangor, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

L.T.C. Structural Works Sdn Bhd

L.T.C. Structural Works Sdn Bhd​ logo

L.T.C Structural Works Sdn Bhd carries a wide selection of retractable awnings that offer protection from the outdoors, rain or shine. Whatever your needs and preferences may be, their range of high-quality products come in various styles, sizes and colors to meet them. Not only this, but they also provide expert installation services for added convenience when purchasing an awning. With their dedication to excellence and knowledge of the sector, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get topnotch quality on all their goods.

Contact Details:603-5121 3822
Address:35, Jalan Tamborin 33/23, Shah Alam Technology Park, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd

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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is an industry leader in the construction and engineering sector, embodying disruptive innovation. Their vision is to revolutionize the prevailing rules of the game in the construction business, while their mission is to persistently seek out opportunities that provide innovative solutions and products, with the aim of improving quality of life and adding value around the world.

To establish a functional and effective ecosystem, they work as consultants (engineering, architectural, interior design) and trading houses (buyers and distributors), contractors (installers and applicators). Working with Aathaworld will save customers time and resources in this fast-paced environment.

In addition, they are committed to going green by introducing environment-friendly products and business practices. They employ only the most efficient methods for maximum effectiveness, particularly in terms of cost. From brand-new buildings, renovations, and plant maintenance works, both industrial, commercial and residential projects can make inquiries and find what they need from Aathaworld’s extensive portfolio of contractor services, industrial products, retractable awning, and building materials throughout Malaysia.

Contact Details:6011-7001 1003
Address:Aathaworld Sdn. Bhd. (1169491A) Level 18.02, KPMG Tower, 8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

SunMaster Trading & Construction

SunMaster Trading & Construction​ logo

SunMaster Trading & Construction has been serving the Malaysian market since 1981, starting as Jamei Awning. As a supplier and installer of various structural and architectural products, they offer Motorized Retractable Awnings, Fixed Canopies, Skylight Systems, Metal Roofing Systems, Metal and Aluminium Louvres, Pergola Systems, Tensioned Fabric, Garden Parasols, Aluminium and Metal Ceilings, Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Aluminium Doors and Shower Screens – creating beautiful property environments for their customers.

SunMaster also provides Project Works such as constructing factories (steelwork), supplying and installing GI trusses and metal roofing according to engineering drawings. Their commitment is to provide durable and high quality products at competitive customized value for optimal customer satisfaction.

Contact Details:6017-688 0123
Address:168, Jalan Gajah Berang, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Why You Can Trust Us And How We Test and Review Retractable Awning

At Home Mentor, we understand that the ease and enjoyment of your outdoor lifestyle are based upon the right selection of awnings. That is why we have conducted rigorous testing and analysis on a variety of retractable awning suppliers in Malaysia to ensure you get the highest quality product and outstanding service.

We have taken numerous factors into account for our reviews, including customer feedback, market research, price and value assessment, installation requirements, warranty terms, durability features, material strength properties, and size availability. Our experienced team of test analysts works onsite or remotely to evaluate each product’s performance characteristics while considering your specific needs and preferences.

Home Mentor is an independent review website that offers unbiased ratings according to source-verified industry standards – meaning no fake listings or false claims. We also strive to deliver updates on new launches and technological advancements through our exclusive blog series dedicated to providing you with relevant data about industry trends in retractable awning suppliers in Malaysia.

With specialized knowledge backed by accurate testing results you can trust when purchasing your retractable awning from any one our carefully chosen suppliers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Retractable Awning in Malaysia

The growing popularity of retractable awnings in Malaysia is largely due to their convenience, style, and functionality. It provides excellent protection from the sun without taking up permanent space in the garden or back yard. However, it can be difficult to choose just the right type for your home or business needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a retractable awning in Malaysia:

  1. Material Quality – Retractable awnings come in various materials such as aluminum, fabric, and mesh screen. Selecting the appropriate material depends on factors such as design preference and usage purpose. For instance, aluminum is more durable than fabric but more expensive, while mesh screen offers better environmental protection against insects and dust but does not block out light as effectively as other materials.
  2. Weather Resistance – In Malaysia’s hot and humid climate, it is essential that the retractable awnings can withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain showers or scorching sunshine without compromising its structural integrity or material durability. Evaluate different suppliers to ensure they can offer weather resistant products with warranties so customers are given peace of mind regardless of outdoor weather patterns they may face while using it.
  3. Brand Reputation – A manufacturer’s reputation should not be taken lightly since it indicates past customer satisfaction level with their respective products/services offered by them over time. Read product reviews online on popular blogs or forums to gain an understanding of how satisfied customers were with buying a particular brand before investing in purchase of one for themselves and home/business projects. Also enquire about after-sales service guarantee from suppliers so necessary help and guidelines are available once installation has been completed.
  4. Price Range – Retractable awnings tend to range from small and low cost all the way up to large units that require professional installation services. Assess your needs carefully before deciding on which one best suits your project requirements, budget parameters, and ideas for innovations within product specifications/requirements space. Please also seek expert advice before making decisions too if concerns exist regarding mismatch between product offerings doing rounds online shopping websites/retail outlets and actual solutions currently wanted by customers potentially using them!
  5. Design Flexibility – Today’s market includes many designs featuring different functionalities like control automation, remote mechanisms both manual/automatic configurations which make setting up nice, modern looking shades very convenient amongst other advances either tried tested or still in process software development, driverless Bluetooth integration technologies available out there possibly expected by end users wanting something specific far away beyond regular standard models online/bricks-and-mortar marketplaces these days!

Benefits of Retractable Awning in Malaysia

Retractable awnings are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in Malaysia who wish to enhance their outdoor living space, allowing them to make the most of their verandah or balcony all year round. A retractable, motorized system provides protection from the sun and rain with just the push of a button. This makes them perfect for extending your entertainment area, providing shelter and shade while enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Retractable awnings also offer excellent versatility and affordability. They can be retracted when not in use, meaning that you can always get maximum use out of your outdoor area without sacrificing ventilation or shade when desired. Many designs come with manual transmission to give you full control over when and how your awning is operated, as well as water resistant materials to ensure its protection against the elements.

Furthermore, retractable awnings provide energy efficiency, lowering air conditioned costs by blocking out heat and reducing solar radiation from entering your home.

Final Thoughts

When selecting the best retractable awning supplier for your project needs in Malaysia, it is important to take into consideration the vendor’s reputation, quality of product and service, as well as their professionalism. Each awning comes with its own unique characteristics and requirements that must be followed. Reputable suppliers have the knowledge to provide top quality products and services while adhering to Malaysia’s standards and requirements.

In addition, consider the fabric options offered by each supplier. Different fabrics can provide varying levels of protection against wind, rain and sunlight. They can also enhance the look and functionality of your outdoor space with regards to colour coordination or size constraints. Make sure you get samples of materials before making your selection so you can see how they will look in situ on the finished product.

Finally, take into account additional features or extras you would like included in your project plan that could add value and convenience to the overall outcome such as motorised operation or remote control operation capabilities that allow you to use less manpower while taking advantage of modern technological advances.

These factors should all be taken into consideration when looking for a reputable awning supplier in Malaysia ensuring that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Awning in Malaysia

With many suppliers available in Malaysia, it can be difficult to determine who offers the best product and services. To help you find the right supplier for your needs, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about retractable awning.

Yes, retractable awnings are suitable for the Malaysian climate. They can provide shade and shelter from the intense heat and rain, making outdoor spaces more comfortable and usable. However, it is important to choose a high-quality awning that is designed to withstand the local weather conditions.

A retractable awning is a type of shade structure that can be extended or retracted as needed. It is typically made of fabric or other materials and is mounted on a frame. When extended, the awning provides shade and shelter from the sun and rain.

The cost of a retractable awning in Malaysia will depend on several factors, including the size of the awning, the material used, and the complexity of the installation. Usually, a basic retractable awning can cost around RM2,000.